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Three Poems
from God Box
by Mallory Whitten

Jordan Castro

Three Poems <br>from <i>God Box</i> <br>by Mallory Whitten

  two years after getting my dog she just realizes when i am on my laptop typing that words show upso she is sitting here attentively occasionally biting at the screen   diner in july a kid walks in wearing a clinical face mask and winter glovesno one is in the diner but me and the cookare you guys openi say yesshe says will you have room for usi say what timeshe moves her mask around with a gloved handand says dinner timei say how manyshe says there’s four of usi say that shouldn’t be a problem   what vibration am...

by Ashton Politanoff

Jordan Castro

Spearhead <br>by Ashton Politanoff</br>
The room was beach themed, even though the place was called The Ranch. When room service rang, he declined the turn down but accepted the chocolates.  He didn’t share them with his wife.  He ate them both near the vanity, hidden from the rest of the room.  They were caramel inside.  
     The main wall with the TV was chair rail and a large oval mirror wrapped in manila rope hung on an anchor shaped hanger next to the bed.  Due to the mirror’s positioning, they could watch themselves having sex if they wanted.  He decided not to mention this.

by Future Nuns

Jordan Castro

TAPE <br>by Future Nuns</br>

food desert, strip malls
trash overflowing into the hallway
the sky was yellow and made of glass
we stood and watched it crack and shatter
food desert, strip malls
chinese takeout in the kitchen
used condoms on the sidewalk
smell like flowers, laundry detergent
food desert, strip malls
it’s been a while since you called me
i’m clean shaven, i’m working often
i’m up late smoking in the same rooms
that i once lived

A Previously Unpublished Chapter of
White Nights In Split Town City
by Annie DeWitt

Jordan Castro

A Previously Unpublished Chapter of <br><i>White Nights In Split Town City</i> <br>by Annie DeWitt
During the day, while Father worked, we were watched by a train of women.  It hadn’t been easy for Father to find a girl. He’d taken to hiring daughters.
     The first was the dentist’s daughter.  Beaver was a plain honest girl who was looking to spread her Christian favor.  She wore monogrammed sweaters which hugged the curves of her breasts.  Afternoons she watched Daytime Television and read aloud to us from the marriage section of the paper.  There was a glass of milk to be had at every meal and canned vegetables which she’d stripped to a slime by boiling them on the stove while she talked on the phone with her mother.  Health clung to Beaver, a principle which confused me. She lacked everything of Mother’s flirt and grace.  The only people I’d ever respected were those with a fondness for disaster.  What I distrusted most about Beaver was her cheer.

by Ariana Reines

Jordan Castro

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IN BLOOM <br>by Ariana Reines</br>

                        This is the time
                        And this is the record 
                        Of the time
-Laurie Anderson 

I’m in the Sedona Safeway
Looking up “vortex” on my phone
What a scam. All Safeways
Call flowers “Poetry
In Bloom” & this one
Has been operational since
1990 according to the wall

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